Are there age restrictions at Rifflandia?

No! If you are under age you are able to attend the Royal Athletic Park during the day and designated Night Stages. All Ages Night Stages include Capital Iron, Alix Goolden Hall, Metro Theatre, Northern Quarter, Wood Hall, and Studio CMCT at The Mint. Please see our Schedule Page for what acts are playing at these stages. 

Are there capacity restrictions at Royal Athletic Park?

There are no capacity restrictions at Royal Athletic Park. Everyone with a Park Pass, Super Pass, VIP Pass or Single Day Pass will be able to enter Royal Athletic Park without concern.

What are the theme days for Rifflandia 2016?

FRIENDLY FRIDAY: Hellos, handshakes, and hugs! It’s the first day of Rifflandia. You recognize someone from that crazy dance party at Electric Avenue the night before, so go on, say hello! Grab one of our custom #Riff2016 name tags, write down your name, and go make some new friends.

SAFARI SATURDAY: Whether you’re releasing your inner animal or sporting your favourite adventure outerwear, all types are welcome on this Riffari. Whether you’re ready to trek through the jungle or cruise across the plains Saturday at Rifflandia is going to get wild.

SUAVE SUNDAY: It’s the last day of Rifflandia. Maybe you’ve been doing it large since Illvis Freshly kicked things off on Thursday, or maybe you’re feeling fresh and came to see Wolf Parade. Regardless, it’s going to be a great day. Because as they say: look good, feel good.

What are the capacity restrictions at the Night Stages?

There is plenty of room for everyone with a Night, Super or VIP Pass, but each Night Stage is subject to capacity restrictions and entry is first come first serve.

What is the best plan for seeing my favourite Night Stage act?

If you have your heart set on a seeing a certain Night Stage performance, you should plan on getting to the venue early and staying at that venue until the artist performs.

Are pets allowed at Rifflandia?

No animals are allowed on site, with the exception of certified assistance dogs for the visually impaired.