Can I share my wristband with a friend?

Sorry, no. Wristbands are non-transferrable. Once the wristband has been put on your wrist it is secure and unless you cut it off it won’t come off. If you cut off your wristband it becomes void and you will no longer be able to enter the Rifflandia 2014 venues.

My job doesn’t allow me to wear bracelets or jewelry for safety or professional reasons. What do I do?

If your job requires you to not wear jewelry or bracelets for safety or professional reasons you will need to visit Rifflandia Special Services at the Rifflandia HQ with you ID and ticket stub BEFORE cutting your wristband off. We will log your name and ticket number then, and only then, are you are free to cut your wristband off without making it void. You must, however, retain the cut wristband and show your ID and ticket stub in order to get a new one the next day.

What happens if my wristband breaks, I lose it or it is stolen?

We cannot replace wristbands that have broken, were stolen or lost so take good care of your wristband. If it looks like your wristband is fraying or close to breaking for some reason, visit Rifflandia Special Services at the Rifflandia HQ immediately for a replacement (BEFORE IT BREAKS). If you visit us after it breaks there is nothing we can do.

How tight do they need to be?

Your wristband needs to be snug. A good measure is a finger’s width of space between your wristband and your wrists. If your wristband is too loose, Rifflandia Security may confiscate it on the spot. Don’t let this happen to you.