What are the dates and hours of Royal Athletic Park?

Royal Athletic Park is located at 1014 Caledonia Ave. Park hours will be released closer to the festival.

Are there age restrictions at Royal Athletic Park?

Royal Athletic Park welcomes all ages. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children over the age of 2 will not be granted access to Royal Athletic Park without a wristband. To apply for a 10 and Under Wristband for your child, please fill out the application HERE.

Can I bring water or other liquids into Royal Athletic Park?

No outside liquids are permitted on-site and will be dumped at the gates. You are welcome to bring an empty water bottle, as water re-fill stations will be available on-site.

Can I bring food into Royal Athletic Park?

Yes! Outside food is allowed on-site at Royal Athletic Park. Please remember, no outside liquids are permitted.

Are ins and outs permitted?

Yes. You must re-enter through the regular gate and will be subject to normal search procedures.

What should I bring?

Royal Athletic Park is rain or shine, so prepare for the weather.There will be a secure Bag and Coat Check on-site, subject to a small handling fee.
Things to consider bringing:
– Sunscreen
– Ear plugs
– Warm clothing
– Rain jacket or poncho
– A hat

What should I not bring?

Alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia and weapons are not permitted on-site at Royal Athletic Park. Anyone caught with these items will be ejected and subject to possible wristband confiscation. Please do not bring lawn chairs, tents, large beach umbrellas or musical instruments.

Can I bring a camera to Royal Athletic Park?

We have recently revised our camera policy and we are now allowing all camera types on-site at Rifflandia, for personal use only. Please note: no tri-pods or detachable flashes will be permitted on-site, unless they have been pre-approved by our media team. If you have any questions, please email info@rifflandia.com.

Can I bring my pet to Royal Athletic Park?

There are no animals allowed on-site, with the exception of certified assistance dogs for the visually impaired.