Our Rifflandia Festival ETHOS

We expect everyone at Rifflandia Festival, including attendees, regardless of their power or influence in the festival environment, to:

  • Be respectful at all times towards all people - regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, minority status, age, religion, dis/ability, or role.
  • Manage your emotions (e.g. stress response) in a way that does not negatively impact others.
  • Maintain an awareness of power imbalances that may relate to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, minority status, age, dis/ability, seniority or influence in the festival environment; and take extra care not to abuse or take any advantage of that imbalance if you are in a position of power.
  • Abstain from participating in, encouraging, or condoning any form of bullying, sexual or racial harassment, or discrimination - and if possible speaking up to someone if we see this anywhere at the festival. This can include behaviour we don’t intend to be harmful, including initiated unwanted affection or touching; making sexually suggestive or racially-charged comments, objectifying jokes or banter. 
  • Be mindful that intention and impact can be different, but both are worthy of consideration. This requires us to be observant and open to signs of discomfort in others.

Rifflandia Festival has a strict policy prohibiting inappropriate behaviours that are intended to cause personal offense or harm to any persons at the Festival, whether on-site or through social media channels related to the Festival or Rifflandia Community. 

Prohibited behaviours includes, without limitation:

  • verbal abuse
  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • emotional abuse 
  • use of derogatory language, gestures or actions
  • use of discriminatory language, gestures or actions
  • harassment of any kind including, but not limited to: 
  • racism
  • sexism
  • homophobia
  • transphobia 
  • ableism 

Rifflandia Festival reserves the right to revoke access to the Festival and may exercise this right at any time in the event harmful and/or inappropriate behaviour occurs to any person(s) at Rifflandia. 

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